Welding w/ no heat affected zone. No stress riser. Repeatable.


Dear Nuclear Community.

Japanese Samuari Swords are legendary in history. I’ve only seen a few in museums; standing behind plate glass looking at the sharp edge. That sword, the master sword maker, makes a clear and unmistakable statement: I mean business, loud and clear even after all these centuries. The intimate knowledge of heat, hardness and crystalline structure has never been surpassed.

FuseRing is an amateur. The sword master has to consider all facets of dynamics – leading edge, back edge, tip vs stock. FuseRing only has to worry about one joint, one time. But that one joint is world class, second to none. No heat affected zone, no fusion line, fine grained base to base, no stress riser. O.D., I.D. in compression. Across weld in tension. 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock residual stress distribution are identical. Resist embrittlement.

If an old sword master is able to see a cross section of this solid state weld, polished. Even He might nod in approval. Lets talk.