tungsten heavy metal shieldings


Our DENSRAM® materials combine many advantages in one simple solution:

– The high density, up to 18.5, is very close to depleted uranium and therefore offers an outstanding shielding capacity without the administrative burden linked to the sourcing of a highly sensitive material.

– Shielding capacity, up to 30% higher than lead, allows a reduction of the weights and dimensions of protections: this simplifies designs, improves the working conditions and productivity of employees in charge of handling operations.

– Chemically inert: no need for special paintings or a casing. Decontamination and cleaning are easy.

– Mechanical resistance: no need for structural parts around shieldings.

– Machinability: you can imagine any shape, impose any tolerance, avoid helicoils and design the most innovative protection you need.

– Environment friendly: DENSRAM® materials can be produced, machined, handled and used without special precaution to protect the environment.

Specific applications:

– Containers and syringe shieldings for medical isotopes.

– Components or containers for the transportation of nuclear fuel or waste.

– Collimators or shieldings for research laboratories.

– Components for oil prospection tools.