Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan

Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan

1-25-1, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-0606, Japan

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Mr. Susumu Ino

Corporate Information

Since its establishment in 1873, Taisei Corporation has undertaken many notable projects in Japan and overseas. Our corporate roots coincided with Japan’s development as a modern nation and we have continuously met the demands of a changing era and people’s aspirations for the future through sound construction operations.
In the second century of modern urban construction, there is a strong need to preserve historic scenery, protect the environment and create attractive public and private spaces. Taisei Corporation is responding with even more advanced technologies through research and development. With a capital position among the strongest in the industry, we are redoubling efforts to produce world-class, leading-edge technologies. Operations extend internationally, including the construction of environmental and infrastructure projects in developing nations.

Main Activities


Taisei Corporation has participated in designing and constructing nuclear power plants and various nuclear facilities including facilities for nuclear fuel cycle and nuclear waste. Based on our outstanding technologies, expertise and experience, we develop new designs and construction technologies for nuclear power plants construction plannings.

Technology to Seismic Response Analysis and Seismic Design

It is mandatory to perform seismic response analyses and seismic design of buildings in nuclear power plants against seismic forces for validating their structural integrity and the safety integrity of equipment and main pipings housed in these buildings.

Taisei Corporation conducts the seismic response analyses and design using lumped mass and three dimensional finite element models of the buildings, taking account of the effects of the soil structure interaction.

Technology to Collision Analysis

In the design of nuclear power plants, it is necessary to confirm that the structure can bear against both collision of flying objects due to tornadoes and airplane crash. It is possible to evaluate faithfully the collision phenomenon about the flying objects and the airplane crash to the structure, by using collision analysis techniques such as finite element method and/or particle method.

Technology to Decommissioning Engineering

Taisei Corporation has carried out researches on decommissioning technology since 1979.
We can provide rational decommissioning techniques to the dismantling facilities taking account of their characteristics, such as electric discharge impulse crushing system, dry ice blast, boring technique for fuel debris removal and Jack down system.