Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan

Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan



2-16-1, Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8370, Japan

Contact Person
Mr. Daiki Asakura

Corporate Information

Shimizu’s more than 210-year history began in 1804 when its founder, Kisuke Shimizu, launched a carpentry business in Edo(now Tokyo), Japan.
Shimizu provides state-of-the-art technologies from the design and engineering phase through to the construction and maintenance phase for all building and construction projects.

Consolidated Financial Highlights(FY2018)

Net Sales JPY 1,664.960 billion
Ordinary Income JPY 133.957 billion
Employees 16,184


SHIMZ VISION 2030, Shimizu’s new long-term vision for 2030, takes on the challenge of venturing beyond solutions rooted in the construction business to the creation of new value and innovation in non-construction businesses. Shimizu expresses the goal of this new challenge as becoming a“ Smart Innovation Company.”Shimizu also clearly states its corporate stance on contributing to the achievement of the SDGs and the resolution of other challenges faced by the global community through business.

Nuclear Projects Division

In the nuclear field, Shimizu constructed the first nuclear power plant in Japan and has been responsible for the building/civil design and construction of various types of nuclear power plants. Shimizu has also participated in overseas nuclear-related projects.

Main Activities

The goal of Shimizu’s nuclear activities is to develop and provide leading technology for security and seismic safety to realize a sustainable energy supply. From seismic analysis to decommissioning, our technology contributes to a cleaner and safer global environment.
Shimizu has broad ranging technology development, design, construction and maintenance capabilities that provide our customers with timely and high quality solutions.

1. Ground Motion and Soil Evaluation

Ground motion evaluation, liquefaction and soil improvement assessment. Generation of site specific input earthquake motion.

2. Technology Development

Seismic isolation system for nuclear power plants: 2D and 3D seismic isolations.
Containment vessel: reinforced concrete containment vessel, steel plate reinforced concrete containment vessels including next generation reactor.

3. Design and Planning

Structural design: Dynamic soil-structure interaction response analysis, nonlinear containment vessel analysis, aircraft impact assessment for nuclear facilities, support for nuclear regulatory licensing.

4. Construction and Maintenance Management

Construction technologies: utilization of BIM(3D-CAD), large block and modular construction methods.

5. Decommissioning and Recycling

Nuclear plant decommissioning: decommissioning of experimental reactor, contamination area assessment, decontaminated concrete demolition system, radioactive waste processing technology. Technology development applied to the Fukushima Incident including debris removal from the damaged containment vessel to be first in its kind.

Shimizu is open to cooperation with overseas design, engineering and construction firms for nuclear related projects.