Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan

Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan



2-2-2, Matsuzaki-cho, Abeno-ku, Osaka 545-8555, Japan

Contact Person
Mr. Kazuyoshi Ohkuma

Corporate Information

OKUMURA CORPORATION is a general contractor to undertake various projects ranging from social infrastructure to various types of private facilities.
Our expertise covers the entire project from start to finish;throughout all the stages of conceptual approach, project planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and management.

Main Activities

The main activities of the Company are described at each of the five stages as follows:

1. Conceptual approach and general planning

We engage in the project from the conceptual approach and general planning stage, providing proposals to meet the specific requirements of the customer.

2. Project planning

We undertake project planning to enable effective use of land and maximize asset values. Through functions such as capital procurement and financial services, we help realize a wide range of undertakings, including land readjustment projects, urban redevelopment projects, and private finance initiative( PFI) projects.

3. Design

We submit design proposals incorporating the optimum solutions for a variety of conditions, including location, profitability, environmental preservation, and disaster prevention. We are also active providers of PM(project management) and CM(construction management)services.

4. Construction

Once construction work starts, we make full use of our extensive experience and technology to ensure the highest level of safety while at the same time minimizing adverse impact on the local community and the natural environment.

5. Operation, maintenance, and management

Services we provide to sports venues and public facilities include operation, maintenance management, and study of renovation options.

Major Works

We introduce some of the major works in various construction fields; nuclear power station, inclined water pressure conduits of hydropower station, underground tunnel in urban areas and through mountains, high rise RC building and passenger terminal building of airport.

Advanced Technologies

We engage in research and development to pursue advanced technologies in building, civil and environment engineering; seismic isolation and vibration control system for prevention of earthquake disaster, estimation and control technique of noise and vibration (prediction of franking transmission) at RC condominium, numerical method for deformation and failure by excavating small covering soil layers, borehole fluorescence method for visualizing of cracks in rock masses, purification of oilpolluted soil using bio-augumentation technique, and so on.