Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan

Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan

Nuclear Fuel Transport Co., Ltd.


1-1-3, Shiba-daimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0012, Japan

Contact Person
Ms. Yukari Tanaka

Corporate Information

Nuclear Fuel Transport Co., Ltd. (“NFT”) is a company specializing in the transport of spent nuclear fuels and other related materials – all of which constitute an integral part of the nuclear fuel cycle in Japan. Handling radioactive materials from nuclear power plants nationwide, NFT is ensuring safe and reliable transport, while consolidating a relationship of trust with stakeholders. In addition, NFT is striving to make maximum contributions to the stable operations of the nuclear fuel cycle business in Japan. Furthermore, we have established a perfect safety record of transport since our foundation in 1971.

Main Activities

1. Transport

NFT plays an important role in the nuclear fuel cycle process through its transportation business with our equipment such as dedicated vessels, SF casks and cranes.
We conduct:


2. Engineering

In order to secure safe transport of spent fuels, packages have to meet national criteria in design, manufacturing and operational processes. NFT conducts thorough quality control based on the requirements of ISO 9001 standards. Cooperating with its group company, OCL CORPORATION, NFT engages in package design, licensing, manufacturing and maintenance as well as upholding high performance standards by leveraging its extensive experience and know-how.
NFT is especially experienced in the areas of:

Safety Measures for Marine Transport

Our dedicated transport vessels have enhanced structure and various safety measures to be in conformity with domestic regulation which is stricter than INF code.

Securing of Safe Navigation

Safety Structure

Fire Prevention