Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan

Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan



2-1-2, Kuise-Terajima, Amagasaki, Hyogo 660-8567, Japan

Contact Person
Mr. Junichi Nakamoto

Corporate Information

The company was established in 1924 to supply the lead products such as water pipes. It also supplied quite a few number of lead lining tanks for synthetic fiber companies. The demand for the shielding radioactive rays using our lead technology led us to the nuclear power related industires. Since then, we have designed and manufactured various machines and facilities having very close contacts with Japanese nuclear power reactor companies and nuclear related R&D organizations. Our technology has been continuously developed by reflecting our customers’ ideas and requirements. Our accumulated experiences in this field are our biggest strength and could be in service at our customers’ disposal.

Main Activities

Our Energy and Environment Engineering Division offers the following services and supplies:


1. Facilities for MOX Fuel Manufacturing

KCPC has designed and manufactured several installations under the direction of JAEA (Japan Atomic Energy Agency).
Our technology is concentrated on the field of MOX powder preparation and pellet manufacturing.

2. Electric Boiler

3. Transportation Casks and Containers for Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive Waste

KCPC can supply holistic engineering, safety analysis, manufacturing, and services.