Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan

Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan

Japan Steel Works M&E, Inc.


4,Chatsucho, Muroran-shi, Hokkaido 051-8505, Japan


Corporate Information

Founded in 1907, The Japan Steel Work, Ltd. (“JSW”)  has been providing various kinds of high quality steel and machinery products to the major global sectors like fossil and nuclear power, steel mill and petrochemical industries. Under the reputation as “General Supplier of Steel Products and Machineries”, JSW is highly valued by its clients. Especially in the field of fossil and nuclear power generating equipment market, JSW keeps supplying large scale steel products manufactured with its advanced technologies which have been developed and accumulated through the efforts in its history over 110 years. JSW, as the leading manufacturer of high quality steel forgings on earth, will maintain to support what the nuclear supply chain demands, and continue to contribute to the nuclear industry with its reliable high quality steel products. On April 1st 2020, JSW spun off its operational steel related business into a new company and is now conducting business as “Japan Steel Works M&E, Inc.”. The new company has succeeded JSW’s manufacturing culture and capabilities and it is committed to supplying the first class products and services to the clients globally.

Main Activities

The Japan Steel Works, Ltd., as its name suggests, began as a domestic producer of steel products in Muroran City, Japan. Utilizing a number of extra-large production facilities, notably represented by two units of 14,000-ton forging presses, and with the world’s largest ingot of 670 ton commercially available, its broad range of products including large castings, forgings, clad steel plates, and pressure vessels are manufactured. Muroran Plant has constantly been contributing to the various needs of nuclear development.
Located in Hokkaido, northern major island of Japan, facing a good natural bay called Muroran Bay, Muroran Plant has Melting, Forging, Foundry, Heat Treatment, Machining and Weld Fabrication Shops in a large complex so they can control the products’ quality, cost and delivery in the same place easily and effectively.
Muroran Plant is diligently upgrading its capabilities to supply high quality steel products under the most sophisticated quality control system certified by ASME, RCC-M, ISO, TUV, JIS and other multi-national authorities.


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