Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan

Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan

Omori Bellport D-wing, 6-26-3, Minamioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0013, Japan

Contact Person
Mr. Yoshitaka Kitai( Manager of Nuclear Systems Sales Group)

Corporate Information

Environmental protection, plants, precision machinery, disaster prevention-in each of these fields, the Hitachi Zosen Group, founded in 1881, is providing a safer and more comfortable today, and working to create a more prosperous tomorrow. Its business domain includes the manufacturing of industrial machinery and process equipment, engineering of state-of-the-art environmental plants, creation of information technology-related business, offering of relevant proposals, and provision of services in a wide range of industry fields.

Main Activities

Hitachi Zosen(Hitz) has over 30 years of experience in the nuclear field, especially for the transport/storage cask market as we have been providing the development, design and manufacturing of these casks as a pioneer in Japan.
In 2013, we acquired NAC International Inc. (“NAC”, see below.), a leading nuclear fuel cycle management company focused on the engineering, design, and transportation of casks and canisters in the U.S., giving us the capability to provide a “one-stop” integrated solution service in the global market. Hitz & NAC have entered into a collaboration (“one team”) in order to develop our game changing technology and bring it to the global markets.
In addition, we have manufacturing experience and capability for components of nuclear power plants including heat exchangers.


NAC International Inc.(NAC)

NAC is an industry-leading provider of engineering and nuclear fuel management solutions for nuclear facility operators, fuel cycle companies and government agencies. NAC has been in business for 50 years and offers a proven process for the design, licensing and deployment of innovative technologies to store, transport and manage nuclear materials, including high level waste and spent fuel. NAC’s professional staff possesses unsurpassed industry knowledge and experience, necessary for today’s demanding requirements for nuclear fuel cycle projects and performance. NAC has delivered more than 600 spent fuel casks or canister dry storage systems in use and has more than 3,700 spent nuclear fuel shipments from more than 70 nuclear facilities worldwide.