Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan

Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan

Hirata Valve Industry Co., Ltd.


3-2-3, Hisamoto, Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki-city, Kanagawa 213-0011, Japan

Contact Person
Mr. Kengo Yamada

Corporate Information

The Hirata Valve Industry Co., Ltd. (HVI) is a specialty valve maker for energy since 1937.
Recently we piled up many track records and became a trustworthy leader in the valve making industry, by manufacturing products for nuclear power plants and LNG plants, in which social responsibility is highly required.
Our company creed is to serve our society by manufacturing advanced, user-friendly and user-considerate valves from the user point of view. Under our company creed, we strive to offer reliable products of high quality and high performance within customer’s budget. Furthermore, we undertake research and development of new products based on current needs, such as environmental preservation and energy saving resources, and contribute to the development of the energy industry.

Main Activities

We produce our valves based on customer’s need and demand. Our wide range of basic product lineup is as follows:

Product Information

Development of the whole surface hard rubber lining valve
Frequent damage to the interior of the valve due to corrosive substances such as seawater is common. We worked on valve development and later successfully achieved a milestone to improve reliability, harmonize anticorrosion materials and structures, and extend inspection life and cycle.
The biggest features of our valve:

Our hard rubber lining valves have been free of corrosion claims for over 20 years since installation. The eradication of seawater corrosion has become a reality, and the prejudice of “corrosion = seawater” has receded.
The conventional maintenance cycles are usually 1-2 years, but our valve has a long cycle of over 4 to 5 years.

The whole surface hard rubber lining valves are shown in Fig.-1 and Fig.-2. Fig.1 is the class 150-700A (28B) swing check valve and Fig.2 is the class 150-500A (20B) butterfly valve.