Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan

Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan

GNS Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mbH


Frohnhauser Straße 67 45127 Essen

Contact Person
Dr. Bettermann Linus
+49 201 109 1743

Company Information

GNS provides comprehensive solutions for spent fuel, nuclear waste and decontamination and decommissioning (D&D) with its unique nuclear expertise of more than 45 years. With around 1000 employees at eight locations, the companies of the GNS Group have achieved a combined turnover of well over 250 million euros per year.

Spent Fuel

GNS invented the CASTOR® cask, the world’s first dual-purpose cask for spent nuclear fuel, four decades ago. Today, it offers several cask types for various different kinds of fuel from nuclear power plants (NPPs) and research reactors as well as high-level waste( HLW). To date, 1,800 GNS-casks have been loaded and are now stored in several countries across four continents. GNS rounds out its portfolio by offering cask loading services and designing storage facilities for spent fuel.

Waste Management

For all kinds of radioactive waste from NPPs, GNS offers treatment services alongside equipment and packaging solutions to ensure acceptability for interim storage and final disposal. With 8,000 MOSAIK® casks and GNS Yellow Boxes® for intermediate-level waste (ILW) already in use, GNS is the world’s top supplier of shielded transport and storage casks. Leveraging its reliable treatment technology, GNS even designs, constructs and operates complete waste management centers for operation and decommissioning sites.


GNS offers solutions for all phases of the decommissioning process, from defueling to the dismantling and packaging of reactor pressure vessels (RPVs) and their internals as well as other primary circuit components. Experiencebased activation calculations facilitate efficient cutting and packaging as well as minimal dose rates.