Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan

Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan

1-1, Tanabeshinden, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-city 210-9530, JAPAN

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Mr. Hisashi Mikami

Corporate Information

Corporate Mission

We, Fuji Electric, pledge as responsible corporate citizens in a global society to strengthen our trust with communities, customers and partners.
Our mission is to:

Main Activities

Beginning with the construction of Japan’s first commercial nuclear power station (the Tokai PowerStation, a gas-cooled reactor) in 1965, Fuji Electric has made significant contributions to the establishment of the nuclear fuel cycle and the expansion of nuclear power as a clean form of energy without CO2 emission by utilizing three core technologies: remote handling technology, radioactive waste treatment technology and nuclear reactor engineering technology.

Core Technologies and Main Products

Fuji Electric is a unique company in the nuclear business field. Our principal experience is as follows:

1. Remote Handling Technology

(1) MOX Fuel Pellets Manufacturing Facility


(2) Fuel Transfer System

(3) Remote Dismantling System

2. Radioactive Waste Treatment Technology

3. Nuclear Reactor Engineering Technology