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Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan



1-7-12, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8681, Japan

Contact Person
Mr. Masaya Tsujimoto

Corporate Introduction

Established in 1958, Chiyoda Technol Corporation (CTC) has been providing its services and goods related to radiation protection through 28 sales branches throughout Japan.

Personal Dosimetry Services with RPL Glass Dosimetry

CTC is the primary personal monitoring services company in Japan that have started with film badge services since 1956. Since 2000, we have succeeded in the replacement of film dosemeters by glass dosemeters, covering about 60% of market share in Japan including all kinds of radiation field workers in hospitals, schools, research institutes and nuclear power stations (approximately 380,000 monthly) in Japan. Glass dosemeters called “Glass Badge” is “the State of the Art” whole body personal dosimeter. Its quality has been recognized in Europe (IRSN have adopted more than 200,000 Glass Badges in France).

Calibration Services

Chiyoda Technol Corporation provide calibration service of radiation measuring devices. Our Oarai Research Center was certified by the Japan Calibration Service System (JCSS) in the field of radiation in 1995. In 2003, we became the only one private company that was certified for internationalMRA (Mutual Recognition Agreement) to offer “secure and reliable” calibration service to our customers.
*We can provide our irradiation equipment upon your inquiry.

In-vivo RPL Dosimetry System

Our dosimetry system with small glass detector called Dose Ace is particularly suitable for checking of delivered dose in the treatment planning of radiotherapy.

Environmental Monitoring System

High liability and precision are the undeniable asset of Radio-Photo luminescence (RPL) technology. We provide the environmental measurement system (FGD-200 series & SC-1) for leakage dose in nuclear power plants, radiological department of hospitals, isotope facilities and cyclotron facilities.

Neutron Detector and Monitoring System

Our neutron personal monitoring service using “TechnoTrak” (TT)  detector (solid state neutron detector) in Japan meets ISO 21909-1 requirements. The majority of the nuclear power plants in Japan receive our monitoring service (324,000 neutron detectors every year). We offer Wide-range Neutron Pit (WNP) System including the innovated TT2 based on our monitoring technology. TT2 can be solely purchased with customized cutting.