Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan

Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan

Association for Nuclear Technology in Medicine


Nikkei Bldg., 7-16, Nihombashi-kodemmacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0001, JAPAN

Contact Person
Mr. Naoki Uenoyama

Corporate Information

The Association for Nuclear Technology in Medicine (ANTM) is a public interest incorporated foundation established in March 1996. The prospectus of ANTM aims to promote research related to nuclear technology in medicine, such as medical treatment and diagnosis technologies using various kinds of radiation, in addition to advanced particle radiation therapy. We carry out various activities such as holding lectures and seminars, publishing public relations magazines and brochures, developing human resources, promoting facilities planning, distributing technical information, providing calibration service for radiotherapy instruments, and others. Thus, we have played an important role as a nonprofit/public interest organization, which differentiates us from both national and local governments and the private sector.

Main Activities

  1.  Particle beam cancer therapy
    Japanese particle beam radiation cancer therapy has been driving the world’s advanced medical technology as a promising technology. ANTM supports facility improvement promotion, human resources development projects and facility operation in each part of the process from facility construction planning to management.
    Especially, we have implemented human resources development of experts, and fulfilled the crucial role as core institution.
  2. Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT)
    ANTM supports R&D and technical development toward practical use of BNCT as the only public interest foundation in Japan. Not only do we share information about BNCT, but we also address issues and collaborate with experts from domestic and overseas research organizations.
  3. Accuracy improvement of radiation and quality control
    ANTM carries out calibration services for therapy level dosimeters to assure the accuracy and the treatment quality as a third-party organization. As the only accredited organization in Japan, we have been playing a critical role in this field. Our calibration testing service accepts orders from almost all the domestic hospitals and institutions as a secondary standard dosimetry laboratory.
    In addition, we conduct output dose audit service for radiotherapy equipment as a third-party. The output dose audit service is growing gradually.

Projects for foreign countries

  1. International Training Course on Carbon-ion Radiotherapy
    We hold International Training Courses on Carbon-ion Radiotherapy (ITCCIR) , aiming to develop necessary human resources for medical doctors, medical physicists, and radiological technologists once a year in Japan. The contents of the training course consist of basic lectures by experts using textbooks as well as visits to heavy ion radiotherapy centers.
  2. Support for oversea patients desiring a consultation services on heavy ion radiotherapy, and facility construction planning 
    We provide consultation and support service for oversea patients on heavy ion radiotherapy in cooperation with partner organizations,“Particle Radiotherapy Clinic”, and others. In addition to that, we provide consultation services for oversea organizations regarding construction of radiotherapy facilities and supply of medical equipments.


Nuclear technology is an indispensable technology which has been making great contributions to human health and welfare. We ask for your understanding of our objectives and activities, and look forward to your heartwarming support and donations.