Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan

Nuclear Industrial Directory of Japan



Shinagawa Inter City A-30F, 2-15-1, Kounan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-6030, Japan


Corporate Information

At C.I.TAKIRONCIVIL Corporation, we have been pursuing the creation of “new forms” as a plastics manufacturer to realize the potentials of chemistry and social prosperity since our founding in 1956. To achieve this, we have sought to create valuable products in diverse fields with high levels of motivation and sincerity.
By utilizing the connections of the Group that we have established over the years, we have access to flexible information links and have the capability to develop multiple types of products types of from one idea and to feed back market information to the development site in real time. Through these initiatives, we are taking steps to create a system that responds flexibly to market needs.

Main Activities

C.I.TAKIRONCIVIL is a leading company and a pioneer in the development of large plastic pipes for gravity and pressure pipes in Japan. Today, plastic pipe systems enjoy the greatest demand and the fastest growth rate worldwide. We provide these pipe system for industrial applications such as intake/outfall, chemicals, drainage, sewerage, water treatment and hydraulic transportation.

Gravity Pipes ID φ 300~φ 3000mm

Gravity pipe system is designed for high pipe stiffness to withstand external load. The gravity pipes are produced with a structured (profiled) wall.


Pressure Pipes

Pressure pipe system is designed for high internal pressure. The pressure pipes are produced with a homogeneous solid wall. They are either made out of fully high density polyethylene or out of a compound (based on high density polyethlene and glass fibers.) The advantage of this pipe system is the perfection, the end finish of the pipes. Every pipe can be produced directly with an integrated socket and spigot or every other end design which is available.